News: Feather Nails

Feather Nails

Step 1 Start with clean nails. 

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Feather Nails

Step 2 Add a base coat.

Add a base coat of any color. I chose green.

Feather Nails

Step 3 Draw a line down the middle. 

Using whatever tool your comfortable with, paint a straight line down the middle of the nail. The color of this line should be a darker shade of whatever base color you chose. 

Feather Nails

Step 4 Add details.

Draw thinner lines of the same color angling out of the center line. 

Feather Nails

Step 5 Add more details. 

Add more line angling from the center line. The color of these lines should be in the same color family. 

Feather Nails

Step 6 Add even more colors. 

Feather Nails

Step 7 Add a clear top coat. 

This will keep your nails from chipping.

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